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A Photographer definition...

ThoughtfulThe first opinion I would like to throw out is what I think about photographers. I think now a days there are a lot of people who are able to afford a nice semi or Professional camera and can show around a better quality image than most people, but having a good camera doesn't make the owner a photographer. A photographer is that who knows the camera in their hands, and can carry on a vision or assignment with their equipment.

A photographer is not that who clicks away and who saves a shot with their amazing skills in Photoshop or any other post production program but that who barely has to use post production and who's few clicks can do the job at hand.

A Photographer is that who's skill to communicate visually is stronger than most people with a camera, who's artistic vision can inspire generations or the people reached by our creations. A true Photographer is that who sees the beauty in their world and surroundings, captures it in its true form, and is able to share that awe with their viewers.

A Photographer is a true master of the camera in use, their equipment, and visual communication.

With that said... I would like to share the things in my life that have given me my creative vision and are still helping me develop them.

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