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"We just had our wedding July 2013 and I have to say we are very pleased with jahazie'ls work. We got an album, video, and a cd with a copy of all the pictures of the wedding and the family picture session all for a great price.  He works in a very professional manner.  The color in the pictures had a soft touch to them. Thats where you can see the difference between a good photographer and someone just taking pictures with a regular camera. Through Jahaziels pictures we now have the beautiful memorable moments that we will never forget. Lets not foget, I liked how his pictures made me look beautiful on our special day. "

Adriana Acevedo

"It has been an absolute pleasure to have Jahaziel photograph our special event. It's his eye for art and recognizing the moments to capture. I very much appreciate all of your work and efforts throughout the entire process. Thanks again!"

Jose Lopez

"Jahaziel did a great job with my professional photos. He was creative, patient, and on time"

David Marin

Author of This is US - The New All-American Family