Creativity is in my Blood
I have a creative background with five poetry books published, web design experience, and video editing skills. Visual and creative communication are part of the daily life in one way or another. I have learned to love life through photography and I'm eager to share that love with those who give me the opportunity to work with them. I am constantly trying to push my creativity to the next level or working on new projects.
I am looking forward to the day where I can show off my photographic skills to the world and get to travel with my camera capturing how beautiful our world really is. I have always wanted to visit Switzerland, maybe my camera takes me there at some point. I love meeting people thru my lens and capture who they are or help to save those precious memories with my camera for my clients and the people in my life.

Photographer in Watsonville... How I Started
I began my journey with photography in Watsonville, CA. after I graduated and got my bachelor's on Visual Communication and began practicing Web Design. As I developed small business online presence I found a need sometimes unfilled for certain photos to accompany the site or to express better the image I wanted to create. As a result I began learning and practicing the craft with my camera, helping me to start my business in photography in 2011.  Since my first solo wedding I realized how wonderful was to be a wedding photographer and as I saw the beauty of weddings around Watsonville, Beach Weddings, and even got to go to cover weddings in Gilroy, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey and all around the Bay Area. I realized the powerful connection I could create not just with the bride and groom but the entire family. For that day, and sometimes long after is like I became part of the family and I always try my best to achieve the quality of service one would expect from a talented family member who would give their best performance to show love and appreciation and support for the new family being created.  All the brides, grooms and their families and friends I got share time with; I am very thankful for the opportunity they've given me to cover their wedding and special events. May happiness never end in your paths.
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