Quinceaneras (quinceañeras) one of my favorite family event to cover along side concerts and festivals. I have had the opportunity to cover corporate events, as well as music and car shows, sport tournaments and product expos, including fashion events. From a 2 hour event to a full day coverage. There is nothing more important that having someone reliable, who you can trust will capture, create and allow you to save the memories that you will be speaking of for a lifetime.
I began my journey in wedding photography with the realization that being a wedding photographer is one truly wonderful experience. As I got to cover weddings around Watsonville, some beaches, and even got to go to cover weddings in Gilroy, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey and all around the Bay Area. I realized the powerful connection I could create not just with the bride and groom but the entire family. For that day, and sometimes long after is like I truly am part of the family and I always try my best to achieve the quality of service one would expect from a talented family member who would give their best performance to show love and appreciation and support for the new family being created. All the brides, grooms and their families and friends I got to share time with; I am very thankful for the opportunity they've given me to cover their wedding and special events. May happiness never end in your paths.
Outdoor portraiture is one of my specialties. As long as you like the place and we have room to walk comfortably, we can make that location our studio. Whether you are trying to have a photo for your portfolio, your headshot, or creating something for your website or social media. Having photosessions with the family out in the park or somewhere they feel comfortable often turns out great allowing us to capture truly beautiful moments. True memories are created, I am thankful to have my clients trust me with capturing the moments that matter to them. There is something truly special about walking around in your favorite or a beautiful place with your significant other that provides comfort and an ambiance you don't get from an indoor or studio shoot. Pick the place and lets get going.
My artistic approach to photography varies from the need of the client to a more funny or art gallery/show kind of landscape photography. I offer an edit style picture as a tribute to those who have passed or when you want to convey a message about something you're dealing with, or simply the beauty of the world like for the landscape photos I take.
I am able to bring my studio equipment to your office, or your own working space. I enjoy working with models and artist to create a better image for marketing purposes or give an upgrade to the photo qualities in the portfolio. Give me a call to set up your next shoot.
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